At Retail Biz Consulting (RBC), we custom design mobile apps,  cloud based customer and employee SURVEYS; Mobile friendly, so your organization knows what it's doing right, &  how to improve. Then, we promote your customer return business with instant Reward emails.  mobile surveys with instant responses and reports on your smart phone

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Discover how well employees are performing on the front line with, mobile based survey on their phone, with results and reports auto generated to YOUR phone.  Drive more sales, build customer loyalty, own a piece of your customers smartphone screen with your own, customized Mobile app.....fully designed by us,  for you to make changes, send notifications

gain huge benefits by seeing your push notification ROI, with software plugin for your mobile app



RBC provides mobile friendly customer engagement surveys which provide instant results, reports on clients smartphones

    Instant Comment™dynamically scored reports are available on ANY device 24x7. 


mobile app drive brand exposure, customer engagement, return biz,

Our Mobile apps work on Apple, Android, *Windows, and *Blackberry (*HTML 5 mobile website)

why have a mobile app?  own a piece of your customers smart phone screen, push specials, engage on customers lock screen

Push your surveys, promotions, timely specials, special announcements, in-app only couponspush notifications plugin for existing mobile apps 68% of app users enable push notifications for the apps they download. The survey also found that 70% of consumers reported that in-app push notifications were valuable to them, and 43% said they were more likely to use an app that issued push notifications.


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We create customer satisfaction surveys, and custome Apple and Android mobile apps. Retail Consulting, Business Consultants.  Our Customer surveys can improve Employee Retention, customer loyalty, return business, grow revenu, and improve customer satisfaction